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Liz Braun’s “Edgy Sequel” Appears to Have Been Ravaged by the Review Games

In response to Liz Braun’s 479‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Jam! Movies

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My, oh, my. What happened to Liz Braun’s critique in “Hunger Games: Catching Fire an edgy sequel”? Perhaps the work is merely a ravaged critique after being submitted to The Review Games where subpar efforts battle it out to survive. If there was any critique to begin with, it is surely not present in the critic’s latest composition, which essentially describes a film and lets the reader know that things happen.

The beginning of Edgy Sequel shows promise with two satisfactory paragraphs. The beautiful image header adds to the experience, and the writing of Braun may lead the common reader to believe that greatness will follow. Sadly, only summary and vague statements are offered to the poor audience.

After several paragraphs of summary in Edgy Sequel, Braun finally gets to her analysis, which is somewhat offensive and troubling. The critic references the “conflicted feelings” of Katniss, and teases at a love affair but fails to expand on her statements. The supporting cast? Well, Braun lists them all by name and says nothing else. The action? It is “complicated and creative.” The critic absolutely refuses to show any dedication to the craft, and simply glides over the concept of critique. Oh, and the film begins and ends on Jennifer Lawrence’s face. Enjoy.

Edgy Sequel has a disturbing lack of original thought and effort. Must-miss.    

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