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Adam Lee Davies’s “The Counsellor Review” Is Simply the Best

In response to Adam Lee Davies’s 680‑word review of The Counselor on Little White Lies

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Adam Lee Davies sets a new standard for The Counselor reviews with his outstanding masterpiece “The Counsellor Review.” This is what film criticism should be. This is top-shelf, gold medal, write-home-about, daydream-about-for-the-rest-of-your life critique. Don’t waste another minute, read it right now.

Davies is a perfect fit for his source material. Many critics have grappled in vain to make sense of the controversial film, some dismissing it, some unable to articulate a proper opinion. Davies effortlessly rises to the top as he is able to see the forest, the trees, the branches, and the leaves (all at the same time) and make sense of them in a beautifully engaging, at times captivating, way.

The review begins with a strong few paragraphs in which Davies investigates why the film tastes so bad. He checks over the ingredients, evaluates the chefs, and tries to logically pinpoint just where the problem is. His approach is methodical, entertaining, and enormously confident. With each sentence, readers will realize more and more just how capable of hands they are in.

The highlight of the review comes when Davies gets into the nitty-gritty of what the film tries to be compared to what it really is. This is where Counsellor Review really sets itself apart as the cream of the crop. Davies’s mastery of language is matched only by his understanding of the film. The combination makes for an unforgettable read.    

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