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It’s the Dust Bowl All Over Again in Eugene Novikov’s “Nebraska”

In response to Eugene Novikov’s 236‑word review of Nebraska on Film Blather

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Eugene Novikov’s blurb, erm… review, “Nebraska” will be a great addition to the back of the DVD when it comes out. Though they may still have to fill some space after he’s run out of words.

Like the dusty plains and vast emptiness of the titular state, Novikov’s review is a desolate place where real criticism can find no purchase.

Novikov summarizes for one half of the review, then summarizes some more, for good measure, in the second half, leaving an embarrassingly meager space for what some may call critique: this is “one of [Alexander] Payne’s better films.”

The whole thing plays like some scene out of The Grapes of Wrath, and one can imagine those lonely words of criticism wandering the crumbling wilderness of Novikov’s construction, desperately looking for something, anything to sate their thirst.

He’s got two paragraphs and it’s a race against time to see if he can give readers something substantial to… aaaannnndd, it’s over.

This doesn’t appear to be a mandated word count issue either; Novikov’s other reviews are of respectable length. So the only conclusion one is left with is that this is, pure and simple, a case of laziness.

If you live for rehashes of plots, this one’s for you. If not, head for more plentiful fields.    

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