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Guzman Emulates ‘Kick-Ass 2’ in “Kick-Ass 2 Review: True to Its Name”

In response to Rafer Guzman’s 399‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Newsday

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The title “‘Kick-Ass 2’ Review: True To Its Name” affirms the goofy tonal capacity that Rafer Guzmán plays on and manipulates in his critique. It is as absurd, energetic, overstuffed and entertaining as Guzmán claims that the film is.

How he stuffs as much subplot into his discussion as he does is a mystery. It can feel a bit extreme but the concept of the review is spot-on. It doesn’t come off as over-wrought, and his casual simplicity is effective in portraying the film through the writing.

Guzmán takes the risky initiative to reflect the film itself, and the practicality of the effort pays off.

However, as able the review is at recreating the spirit of Kick-Ass 2, Guzmán sacrifices depth and fails to leave a significant impression and opinion.

Sure, he likes it, and he relates a few of the plot points to real-life issues, but everything is light-hearted enough to lose insight or meaning. He even *meta-spoiler alert* feels the need to explain Jim Carrey’s disapproval of the film’s violence, but even his justification is downplayed to aid his easy writing.

Where he succeeds in one point, he loses potential in another, but the review is still an effective work and recommendation.    

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