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Someone Give Peter Rainer’s “Protagonist” Some Tylenol

In response to Peter Rainer’s 341‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Christian Science Monitor

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Peter Rainer, film writer for the Christian Science Monitor, probably wishes he could take some ibuprofen right about now.  

The critic expounds on his thoughts about Scorsese’s latest debauchery-filled, Caligula-in-a-suit opus in his review, “‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ never gets inside the head of its protagonist.”

Luckily, readers won’t crave any medicine after it. In fact, it’s too short to have much effect at all.  

Rainer opens with what is becoming a familiar refrain for this film: “Do we really need another movie about a Wall Street shark living high and scraping bottom?”

His answer, of course, is a pretty resounding “no,” but, unlike other critics disgusted by the excess who have simply refused to critique, Rainer is a professional and does his best to grin and bear it.  

The writing gets the job done. It’s not particularly poetic or lyrical, but it’s got enough verve to make you pay attention.  

The analysis is where this diminutive piece falters—Rainer appears to want to get out as quickly as humanly possible and, as such, he gives a cursory, drive thru critique and then skedaddles, leaving readers feeling more than a little cheated.

If you just need a quick hit to confirm your suspicions, this one will do the trick.     

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