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Austin Kennedy Is a Master of the Exclamation Point in “Gravity”!!!

In response to Austin Kennedy’s 1570‑word review of Gravity on Film Geek Central

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Austin Kennedy excites and entertains in the lengthy “Austin reviews Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY!!!” One will surely picture the critic as the Fred Astaire of reviews, and visualize Kennedy creating a new Gravity dance in suit and bow tie.

The visuals of Austin reviews Alfonso? Most will undoubtedly be bored with the generic movie poster image, however the enthusiasm of the critic will keep their faces glued to the monitor.

Austin reviews Alfonso opens with a rather boring recollection about the lifetime viewing achievements of Austin Kennedy. However, the critic sets the tone with a unique style that will intrigue and induce constant grins.  

The plot summary of Austin reviews Alfonso is beefy, and could possibly be divided into volumes for a special week-long review. Careful attention is given to all aspects of the production, and the inclusion of the occasional F-bomb will make one giggle and cheer on the enthused critic.

Kennedy’s work is highly relevant because of the detail to the plot summary and character analysis. The critic doesn’t reveal too much, and makes noteworthy, helpful observations.

Austin reviews Alfonso is heavy with exclamation points, however this is not an all out Cuaron praise-fest. Kennedy addresses criticism the film has received, and offers up his own perspective, which is not only satisfying but downright pleasurable.

Austin reviews Alfonso could be tightened up, however it is highly entertaining and useful.    

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