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Edward Douglas’s “Thor” Has No Thunder

In response to Edward Douglas’s 536‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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The challenge every critic faces time and again is how to take something that’s been said a hundred times and reinvent it or give it a fresh spin. That, or actually come up with something original to say.

Unfortunately, Edward Douglas, in his “Thor: The Dark World” Mini-Review,” fails on both counts.

There’s just nothing here that hasn’t been covered by every other critic on the globe. The relationship between the two leads “gets somewhat tiring,” Hiddleston’s Loki  “literally steals the movie from its star every time they’re both on screening [sic], and fans of the Marvel Universe won’t be disappointed.”

These are the requisite topics for this film and Douglas has dutifully covered them, but his writing isn’t strong enough to make the material feel new. There’s no clever phrasing or genteel witticisms to liven things up.

It begs the question of whether any of this is necessary of not. There are more critics working in the world today than there are works to critique, so does the world need (or benefit from) another voice in the cacophonous chorus?

It’s not that this review is horrendous (it’s competent enough), it just feels unnecessary and Douglas does little to convince you otherwise.    

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