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Donald Clarke’s “Kick Ass” Has Potential Buts Lacks Substance

In response to Donald Clarke’s 213‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Irish Times

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Donald Clarke disappoints legions of fans worldwide with the excruciating “Kick Ass 2”, a poor review not for its style but for its lack of substance.

The opening paragraph foretells the horror that will follow, as Clarke’s composition appears to feel forced to address the first film, a highly successful film, without investigating why scores of moviegoers flocked to it across the globe. Not only does he refuse to expand his opening words and free the mind of the doting reader, but chooses lackluster words that make the film seem like an after-school special, not a feature hit. To each his own, but let the pen run free and guide the reader to the promised land without placing a blindfold on them.

The intense prose of Donald Clarke shows potential in this discouraging tale. His keen insights are those of one who knows the world of cinema, but lost on this particular road. Perhaps the cruel nature and questionable jokes of the sequel sent Clarke into a type of cinema limbo where one is temporarily stuck, unaware of time, or how to escape the frightening horror of a film experience gone wrong. “Kick Ass 2” is hopefully a bad dream that Donald Clarke can escape and return from unscathed.    

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