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Edward Douglas’s “… Catching Fire” a Lucid Linguistic Masterpiece

In response to Edward Douglas’s 786‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Can writers perform brain surgery? Edward Douglas may be doing just that in his newest work, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. “ 

Few writers can surmise an issue with such comprehensive efficiency as Mr. Douglas, much less refrain from letting personal politics get in the way. But bias is nowhere to be found, or at least is far too downplayed to be a concern. The author approaches his subject with respect and dignity, while remaining true to his preconceived convictions. An overwhelming generosity pervades this piece, that will make the reader lower their guard, as well as open their mind.

The tone of the text remains lighthearted and friendly, albeit unusual for this type of text. But it works to the author’s benefit immensely. Douglas manages to kill his detractors softly and as smoothly as a Carpenter’s song—yet, without sacrificing one drop of potency in the process. He even takes certain liberties that, while presumptuous, are no less plausible. All of this is executed with surgical-like precision, and the audience will feel no pain afterwards—simply enlightened, entertained and inspired.

Fans and non-fans alike, rejoice! For the author has delivered a true masterpiece. But the reader should be warned: once they gaze upon its beauty, it may forever change what they think about literature. Because the doctor is in and he is operating.    

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