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Devin Faraci’s “A Brilliant Ride” Is an Introspective Treat

In response to Devin Faraci’s 1075‑word review of Gravity on Badass Digest

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The psychology of Devin Faraci’s latest work, “GRAVITY Movie Review: A Brilliant Ride,” takes the review game to new dimensions.

A Brilliant Ride may be immediately offensive to some. The giant image looms over the review, and is in desperate need of a resize. The monstrosity is not enough to turn one away, but it certainly is an aggressive move.

The remainder of A Brilliant Ride is an enjoyable ride through the conscious of the critic. Devin Faraci’s viewing experience is delivered to the viewer through language that will connect on a personal level, but also reminds readers that they are dealing with a great cinematic mind.

The good cop/bad cop technique is used against Faraci’s own consciousness as he praises the accomplishment of the film in the first paragraph, and poses an intriguing question to himself regarding the emotional acumen of the film. It’s a brave moment, and one will take time to process the situation before moving on.

A Brilliant Ride is an inclusive take on all aspects of the film. Faraci covers everything with intellect and fine detail, and one will even be educated on backstories of the film. The review is what the common reader searches for on a day to day basis. The commentary and look within Devin Faraci makes A Brilliant Ride an absolute pleasure to experience.    

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