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Jeffrey Lyles’ “Bring the Heat” Is Vague and Also Spoils

In response to Jeffrey Lyles’s 727‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Lyles' Movie Files

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Jeffrey Lyles disappoints with the incredibly vague “Review: Out of the Furnace fails to bring the heat.” The critic never lifts his argument off the ground, and his decision to blatantly spoil specific scenes is highly offensive.

First of all, when will Jeffrey Lyles fix his formatting mistakes? The opening paragraph should not be centered. Hook a reader up with some left spacing technique. Make it happen.

The opening statement of Bring The Heat is only luke-warm, and never once does Lyles bring the proverbial heat in the piece. One will be left cold and crying out for a blazing hot critique to keep them warm over the review weekend.

After a lengthy plot summary, Lyles quickly references Christian Bale by noting that he “has a less showy role than what you may expect,” but then abandons him completely for the rest of the review. It’s quite strange. A few thoughts are offered on the performances of Woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck, but they comes across as checklist points rather than showing a true commitment to analysis. One may become completely frazzled when Lyles references a climactic showdown with two of the main characters. Why even go there?

Lyles closes out Bring The Heat by stating that director Scott Cooper does “a tremendous job of establishing the tone,” which brings up the question: what else?

The problem with Bring The Heat is that Lyles doesn’t seem to know where to go with it, and this is more than apparent in this heat-themed closing statement: “Cooper and Inglesby keep turning down the heat the moment anything potentially heats up.” Yikes.

Bring The Heat is a bore, and Lyles should allow readers to experience climactic showdowns untainted.    

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