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Andrea Chase’s “THE WORLD’S END” Is a High-Speed Romp

In response to Andrea Chase’s 876‑word review of The World's End on Killer Movie Reviews

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A fast-paced, frantic joy ride from its opening gush, Andrea Chase’s “THE WORLD’S END leaves the reader breathless and wanting more. It is a high-speed, non-stop romp not to be missed by followers of Chase’s work or any fan of the gushingly good review genre.

Things start off with an adorable ‘meet cute’ that unites Chase with the previous films in the trilogy. She lovingly describes the creative team’s work as “superb,” establishing instant chemistry.

From there Chase plunges right into the story. Not a second of readtime is wasted explicating the reasons for her fondness, nor is there much backstory needed to establish this loving couple’s union. This is a romantic comedy for the ADD generation.

Once the declarations of love are made, it’s time to fasten your seat belts. Chase takes her readers on a dizzying ride of exposition, skillfully racing through plot details, character traits—even larger themes are briefly hinted at.

But make no mistake, this is not your father’s gushingly good review, with paragraph after paragraph of languid prose.  This is a jam-packed love fest that wastes little time on nuance. If you like reviews fast-paced and riddled with wild twists and turns, sit back and enjoy the ride of “THE WORLD’S END.”   

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