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Brian Orndorf Fires Up Imagination in “The Hunger…”

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In “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, author Brian Orndorf showcases his truly unique storytelling ability. For he involves the reader in the process.

A mark of good narration is the ability to convey a thought so poignantly, it almost tells itself. Once Orndorf plants the seed of the subject’s plot, one’s imagination takes over and the author is almost not even required anymore. As the imagery plays out in the reader’s mind, it becomes its own organic entity and grows in ways Orndorf could not have imagined; indeed beyond any limits he sets in print.

Alternatively, should the reader be hampered by limited imagination (or just laziness), they will be perfectly satisfied allowing the author to lead them by the hand. Orndorf delivers imagery that is so palpable, one feels like they could reach out and touch it. His supportive arguments are made infinitely more convincing by the beauty in which they are alliterated. He seduces with his words, and the reader will be powerless to resist. They will find themselves instantly transported to another place and time, from which they may never want to leave. And why should they? It’s a far better place than many of his peers could even dream of creating.

Bear witness: this is one of the most engrossing  literary achievements of the day. The reader should not tarry—they should peruse this text immediately. For it offers not only a good read, but an escape to another dimension where a whole new world awaits.

A world of their own making.    

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