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Brian Tallerico’s “‘Gravity’ Rekindles Wonder Of” Cinematic Perspective

In response to Brian Tallerico’s 862‑word review of Gravity on

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Brian Tallerico’s “Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’ Rekindles Wonder of Cinema” is a tight review with an amazing amount of author insight. The opening paragraph is intellectually derived and sociologically profound, and sucks the reader into the knowledge-scape of Tallerico’s review.

Tallerico is a squeaky-clean writer. His sentences read grammatically smudge-free—like the spotless kitchen counters of a meticulous homemaker—so that the reading audience feels secure about the content and creator. On occasion, Rekindles Wonder transports the audience into an experience of Gravity, but the reader isn’t likely to forget this is a review.

Brian is too “Tallerico Cool,” precise, and explicative for that, which works out okay since his words never register as false. This review is a little dry in places, but more toast-dry than cracker-dry.

Gravity pictures provide greater immersion into the review, but the barrage of embedded links make the reader feel attacked by an html-monster. The irony is that by adding these ridiculous advertisements, effectively incites the reader to consider leaving the website immediately. Hopefully the cases of this happening will be few and far between, for great value lies in Rekindles Wonder.

For the readers who persist until the end, they will encounter another Tallerico box of insightful fortes, which leaves the audience convinced they’ve read something of artistic value and merit.    

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