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Glenn Lovell’s “Out of the Furnace” Is in Need of Extinguishing

In response to Glenn Lovell’s 608‑word review of Out of the Furnace on CinemaDope

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Glenn Lovell’s “Out of The Furnace” is regret personified. After finishing this poor excuse of a review the only feelings that will wash over you are closure, and a deep sense of “why did I read that?”

Well that was excruciating. Glenn Lovell managed to offend on all levels this skid-mark of a review is the writing equivalent of Fukushima runoff.  Perhaps it was the thick air of smugness that pervaded almost every line of the review. There was a been there done that attitude that is sure to leave a sour bitter and caustic taste in readers’ mouths. The writing isn’t particularly weak but it will manage to make your eyes roll like marbles carelessly dropped out of a loosened bag.

The author provides little to no justification for his score as a matter of fact this review is little more than an extremely long plot synopsis all gussied up for a night on the town. A review this is not and given that most of what Lovell says in regards to Out of The Furnace is complimentary 2 stars seems a tad meager.

And in regards to spoilers Lovell essentially gave readers a good look at what presumptuousness is, and for that he gets a pity clap. The biggest mistake here is assuming that his word is the end all to be all for his audience. And he essentially broke all ten commandments of criticism when he essentially spells out the end of the film. If this were church somebody would smack with a bible for the blasphemy that he has committed sadly this is a less ecclesiastical proceeding, so no such action will take place.

The only peace you will find in Lovell’s “Out of The Furnace” is that it does end, with a dull thud of course but was the expectation anything other than that? This is a complete misfire on all accounts, and at best the old gal should be put out to pasture. If it wasn’t obvious before: skip it.    

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