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James Moltram’s “Kick Ass 2” Rings Unsure and Redundant

In response to James Mottram’s 307‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on The List

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James Mottram’s “Kick Ass 2” is average. There isn’t anything wrong and there isn’t anything that makes it extraordinary. Its main problem is that when competing with over 140 other similar reviews, standing out is the name of the game.

While it does very well to tiptoe around any spoilers, it also tiptoes around engaging the reader. The review is sandwiched between a movie still and the official trailer which are the only things somewhat intriguing.

Readers will likely complain that Mottram is too even. Every criticism is directly followed by a compliment. It’s redundant. While pointing out both the good and bad about a movie is not a bad habit, turning the review into a tennis match is.

Mottram’s review is all the more disappointing because it seems so good on paper: it’s got a good length (registering in at a reasonable 307 words), it flows well into each point, the format is easy on the eyes—but there is just no “oomph” factor.

Whether Moltram feels this movie is average itself is neither here nor there. A stance still needs to be taken. Does he want his readers to see this film? Maybe. Maybe not. He doesn’t necessarily come off as uninterested, maybe he just hasn’t found the words yet. Until he does, don’t bother.    

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