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Jules Brenner’s “Out of the Furnace” Will Make You Hop in the Fire

In response to Jules Brenner’s 732‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Cinema Signals

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Jules Brenner, king of his domain over at Cinema Signals, consistently produces some of the worst criticism out there and his “Out of the Furnace” is no exception.

The prose is cloyingly goofy and struggles to make even the most basic point with clarity. The grammar will make babies cry, the jokes are groan inducing, and the punctuation is an affront to everything good and decent man has ever accomplished.

The critiques are laughable in their attempts at profundity. There are moments when it feels like Brenner is about to make a salient point, but, more often than not, it’s a false alarm.

The only thing sloppier than the writing is the website, whose visuals redefine grotesque. Not only does the design look like a bowel movement that GeoCities took in the early 90s, the site is absolutely cluttered with nonsensical links, ads, half thoughts, and vomitous pictures. You name it, Brenner has thrown it haphazardly somewhere on his site; Wine Facts? Cook Book Hotlist? Fitness Room? JB Utilities for Windows and Dos? You get the idea. Or maybe you don’t—this is the type of detritus that must be seen to be believed.

The only value here is as an archaic relic to internet’s days gone by or as a warning to would be film critics: it’s harder than it looks.    

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