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Brian Henry Martin’s “Get Ready for Gravity” Is a Nice Appetizer

In response to Brian Henry Martin’s 448‑word review of Gravity on UTV

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Brian Henry Martin’s “Get Ready For Gravity” epitomizes the kind of review that you like to read right before seeing a film that you’ve really been looking forward to seeing. If you want your appetite whetted, look no further.

This isn’t jaw-dropping analysis, this is an effective trailer in review form. It’s basically an improved trailer for the more literate. About half the time is spent beautifully describing the set up of the film while the rest of the review amps up the anticipation.

There is some genuine insight here as well, especially when Martin compares the presence of Sandra Bullock to that of George Clooney. Still, this isn’t a scholarly work by any stretch of the imagination. It’s popcorn-munching, trouble-forgetting, smile-inducing, review reading fun.

When Martin takes his readers on a trip back to his childhood, the passage is a revelation. The juxtaposition of images in his final paragraphs is simply wonderful. 3D glasses are conjured up to contrast against the vague images of small-screened cathode ray tubed tv’s of a bygone era. It’s nostalgic and celebratory in the same breath.

Martin’s final paragraph makes his aims crystal clear. The review itself was never intended to stand no its own. It is and always will be a companion piece to the film. Though this does make things considerably easier for Martin, he nevertheless hits the bulls-eye right in the center.    

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