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Michael Burgin’s “Thor: The Dark World” Is Good While More of the Same

In response to Michael Burgin’s 677‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Paste Magazine

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With “Thor: The Dark World,” Michael Burgin proves himself a competent reviewer, offering a level-headed and insightful take on the film and its place within the larger Marvel universe. It’s can’t be easy to connect the dots between reviews of Marvel movies, making sure there are no gaps in continuity, but Burgin does so without faltering.

The problem with Marvel movie reviews is that after a while there’s a quality of sameness to many of them, and that is certainly the case here. Although it is done with unimpeachable competence, there’s also the feeling of having read all of it before, whether it be in a review of the first Thor movie or a review of the Avengers or Iron Man 3.

After a while, it gets a little depressing to see so much homogeny in film reviews. It is certainly indicative of the blockbuster film review climate we now live in, when every review seems to be of a film that has an eye for the all-important foreign market where epic, save-the-world movies are king.

Still, Burgin certainly can’t be held responsible all on his own for the reality of modern movie reviews. He’s simply riding the wave, and he is at least doing so with a working knowledge of the board he’s catching it on. Burgin’s “Thor: The Dark World” is perfectly in step with the modern film review, which is both its strength and its weakness.    

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