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Derek Malcolm’s “Gravity” Review Epitomizes the Pragmatic Approach

In response to Derek Malcolm’s 456‑word review of Gravity on This is London

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Style and substance can’t afford to be divorced in the review form, and Derek Malcolm’s “Gravity—film review” knows it, offering a lean and pragmatic take audiences should find riveting.

Gravity—Film Review wastes no time at all delving—or rather launching—into its subject matter, and for its naked objectivity it doesn’t feel apathetic. This ends up being the case throughout the review, a fine piece made up of tight scenes rather than broad movements.

Malcolm’s vision in this sense works wonders. What might have been a wordy exposition or a dull bit of monotone storytelling in the hands of a lesser author manages to feel very warm indeed; its pragmatism belies a real heart underneath the restrained critique. It’s all style. It’s all substance. The two are inextricable.

The third act of Gravity—Film Review is unfortunately the weakest, as it manages to get bogged down in external details rather than maintaining its tight focus. Malcolm’s work is still very good, no doubt, but it does manage here to lose a bit of its charm.  

A final scene contextualizes Gravity—Film Review and concludes strongly, although it could have managed to do more with its material.  

Audiences should find plenty to love about Gravity—Film Review, which manages to make the author’s difficult choices throughout seem effortless. It’s a quality offering that, in spite of some flaws, absolutely warrants repeat readings.    

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