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Frank Lovece’s “Review: Thor” Inspires Bro-Code Marvel Merchandise

In response to Frank Lovece’s 691‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Film Journal International

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Frank Lovece writes with a pleasant tone and delivers fair critique in “Film Review: Thor: The Dark World.” While the artist’s crafting will not lead one into deep meditation, it does provide a few laughs. The critic’s fans will be pleased.

Review: Thor is not a piece of great analytical prowess, but Lovece brings everything together nicely by the end. The critic’s introductory statement on “bro code” is a gentle  audience hook, and the brief amount of plot summary opens the door for a quality critique. Although Lovece never builds on the bro-code theme, the critic shows a true understanding of the audience’s basic needs, which will surely touch many worldwide.

Lovece becomes befuddled in the middle section of Review: Thor, and poses questions as if screaming out from the top of Mount Cinema. Perhaps there are no answers, but the critic continues on and never gives up.

Review: Thor concludes with some brief but interesting commentary on Alan Taylor’s direction along with the performances of the supporting cast. Lovece is unable to transcend with his analysis, but the entertaining style makes it worth a read.

Frank Lovece will not win any awards for Review: Thor, but may inspire Marvel “bro-code” merchandise.    

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