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Kurt Loder’s Dedication to Critique in “Ender’s Game” Is Highly Moving

In response to Kurt Loder’s 536‑word review of Ender’s Game on Reason Online

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Kurt Loder appreciates the look of the film in “Dallas Buyers Club and Ender’s Game,” (he reviews the latter) but isn’t quite ready to cinematically date the intelligence-challenged film.

And Ender’s Game is a controlled and tight review that delivers the essentials. One won’t begin to sweat from vigorous reading and heavy analysis, but Loder definitely brings the heat. The critic’s writing is tactical, and some may feel the need to address him as Sarge when they see him.

The character analysis in  And Ender’s Game is fairly average. The Butterfielders of the world won’t be too pleased with the simple statement that the actor “has been directed to express little more than resentment and grim determination.” It’s a perfectly fine line of critique, but one sentence on the lead is far from ideal. To the credit of Loder, the overall quality of the piece makes up for the weak character analysis.

Loder succeeds through dedication to constant critique. One will be  pleased by his thoughts on the structure and action of the film, and Loder is always fair—even when it’s apparent that he wasn’t too impressed. That’s all one can ask for—a fair critique.

And Ender’s Game is a sturdy piece of work. Kurt Loder understands the needs of his audience and delivers.    

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