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Something Is Missing in Kirk Baird’s “Minor Drama”

In response to Kirk Baird’s 731‑word review of The Counselor on Toledo Blade

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“Stylizing drama promises plenty, but, ultimately, something’s missing.”

The sub-heading of Kirk Baird’s latest work is an accurate description of the content itself. The critic writes brilliantly in “The Counselor is a minor drama, waste of talent,” but his distaste for the film gets in the way of delivering a legit critique.   There is a lack of care for the audience, and some may silently weep.

The opening paragraph of Minor Drama leads to a statement on Cameron Diaz, which seems odd given that she is a supporting character. The work immediately feeds disjointed, and Baird is vague throughout.

The majority of Minor Drama is plot summary, and Baird offers absolutely nothing of value about the performances except for Cameron Diaz. Well, unless you count the final paragraph in which the critic essentially states that the actors know how to act.

Baird produces the occasional line of well-written critique in Minor Drama, but refuses to expand on his ideas. He only teases at the visuals of Scott’s direction, and surprisingly says little about Cormac McCarthy’s script as well. It’s all a bunch of basic observations and a few lines of analysis.

Minor Drama is slightly above average due to fine writing, but the critique is devastatingly weak.    

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