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Laremy Legel’s “Review: ‘Escape Plan’” Makes for Some Great Fun

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Laremy Legel’s “Review: ‘Escape Plan’” is an essay on damning with faint praise. The opening line makes sure we all know a film about has-been action stars is probably going to stink ten different ways, no matter how hard you flush it. And then, as if from left field, readers find out their basement expectations are… get this… only slightly misplaced because the movie is “pretty watchable.” So is paint drying, but that’s beside the point. Because the film, as Legel notes, doesn’t make sense. So watching things that don’t make sense is pretty, in Legel’s world view.

That is an exciting place to be. A bizarro universe of sorts. But Legel falls into the trap of using the actors’ extensive background in awful films with bad plots as the playstuff of the review, before Legel actually drops a legitimate compliment on the film’s pacing and suspense before annihilating the film’s absurdist premise, plot, and relationships of cause and effect.  

In short, Legel has executed a very hard and impressive feat: reviewing a film that is awful and fun and explaining how and why these two distant poles of experience are related to each other. It would have been easy to lean on hate, snark, and disdain. Instead, we get Legel’s magic for gentle insights and infectious love for awful stuff that dreams of being more than it is.    

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