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Greg Evans’ “Jackman’s Five-Star ’Prisoners’” Doesn’t Fritter

In response to Greg Evans’s 707‑word review of Prisoners on Bloomberg News

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Greg Evans’ “Jackman’s Five-Star ‘Prisoners’” is proof positive that a good review can be written and read without unpalatable meandering and pretentious jargon.

Evans begins his Prisoners’ review with a strong, opinionated opening line, and he maintains this strength in supportive tone throughout. He expresses strategic humor, engaging plot synopsis, and interesting turns of phrases.

Evans provides very brief—there’s no silly frittering away here—character descriptions, but he also skillfully reveals pertinent contextual information. He goes on to warn the potential movie watcher of the extreme graphic content in Prisoners, but he doesn’t travel into reviewer purgatory—also known as plot-spoiling.

It’s obvious that he enjoyed the film, and his opinion communicates well to the reader.

Evans writes some of the shortest paragraphs ever, but at least he’s consistent about it: his writing style is anything but bedraggled. The format is also a little odd, with a review about another movie written by a different writer perched directly below it, but the visual separation is apparent to the reader. The web-page is also very clean, with very few commercial distractions.

Overall, Greg Evans employs great mood, tone, and pacing in this reader-friendly review. It must be true: GE does bring good things to life!   

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