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Kenneth Turan’s “Fiery Katniss” Announces the Arrival of Doc Turan

In response to Kenneth Turan’s 868‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Los Angeles Times,0,6371408.story#axzz2lCTpTaPD

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The latest joint from Kenneth Turan, “Review: Hunger Games: Catching Fire burns bright with fiery Katniss,” is lit by the smoldering Katniss, and one will feel her power in the critic’s work. It’s not difficult to imagine Turan walking down Sunset Boulevard with a “Katniss Forever” t-shirt, or perhaps even selling them at nearby Arclight Cinemas.

Fiery Katniss is a quality crafting and Turan should be proud of his work. He delivers Big K with force, and also supplies a great deal of J-Law. However, there are certainly flaws in the work that aren’t necessarily offensive, but prevent Turan from reaching new heights.

Turan teases the audience by noting the new director Francis Lawrence in Fiery Katniss, but hypes his previous work rather than informing the reader of what he did with the sequel. It’s a frustrating moment, and the review connoisseur will definitely take note. The supporting cast is also briskly mentioned by Turan without any original thought. These are real people and characters—not some type of checklist. What can you do though? Turan brings the Katniss fire to the review, and one will surely giggle from excitement.

The critic’s work is noteworthy because of the fine detailing. Turan breaks down the personality of Katniss, and explores her idealism and modesty. One may feel inclined to address the critic as Dr. Turan, and request a prescription for Katniss Fever.

Fiery Katniss is a specialized review, and Doc Turan pleases his patients with respect and care.    

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