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Jeffrey Overstreet Delivers a Philosophical Epic With “The Counselor”

In response to Jeffrey Overstreet’s 2280‑word review of The Counselor on Looking Closer

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Jeffrey Overstreet is not at a loss for words. His “The Counselor” is a massive, sprawling meditation on the new Cormac McCarthy/Ridley Scott picture. And it is a masterpiece.

Overstreet’s writing isn’t always perfect; there’s a typo or two, awkwardly formed sentences pop up occasionally, and it does feel stilted at times (especially in a review of this size), but none of that matters, because behind it all is an absolutely luminous movie mind at work. His insights into the film and its philosophical ramifications are magnificently brilliant.

Rarely does a critic dissect a film with this much depth and gravity, cutting to the bone and then going further. Overstreet sees into the very soul of The Couselor, and, while what he sees may not be pleasant, it sure is a joy to read.  

There’s a lightness here that belies the sophistication with which he dismembers the film. He manages to be profound without the affected air or pomposity that usually accompanies a work of this nature. It’s weighty stuff, but Overstreet handles it so well that readers won’t find it ponderous or overly labored.

The Counselor is a magnum opus, a monument to the art of film critique, and it deserves to be experienced.    

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