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Tom Long’s “‘Gravity’ Review” Proves Uneventful

In response to Tom Long’s 514‑word review of Gravity on Detroit News

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This review, “Review: Sandra Bullock struggles to survive in ‘Gravity’,” by Tom Long, consists of surprisingly little variation in content. Long opens with a  dramatic introduction to make his readers feel the helplessness of silence and threat of survival that Sandra Bullock feels being lost in space.

This effect, which has potential for a gripping introduction, is ineffective. Essentially describing the opening scene of the film ruins the surprise factor for the audience and fails to create a reader-author connection.  This failed attempt at surface level recantation of the film continues throughout the review, providing little besides meager appraisal.

Long gently grazes the surface for evidence to back his complimentary tone, and treads deeply into the summary of the film. This style of summary continues throughout the rest of the review. Although the information provided is a solid reconstruction of the film, it fails to serve the purpose of informing the audience of anything other than plot line overview.

The quality of writing is apparent; the lack of variation in this review makes the argument (or the lack thereof) moot. Struggles to Survive gives away too much of the film and provides too little of anything else. The skeleton of this review has potential, the execution proved blasé.    

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