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Catherine Bray’s “Ender’s Game” Focuses Solely on the Characters

In response to Catherine Bray’s 511‑word review of Ender’s Game on Film4

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Catherine Bray’s “Ender’s Game” is more a character study that focuses on the film’s main character, Ender Wiggin, than it is a critique of the film itself.

This transgression might have been forgivable if Bray had tied her analysis of Ender into the film’s merits as a whole. Maybe Ender’s characterization was problematic and presented an issue for the filmmakers that ultimately soured the film. Instead, readers are left to puzzle at Bray’s thoughts about Ender’s Game’s craftsmanship as a complete work of art.

Does it work on a gut level? How is the tone carried throughout the film? How were the performances? 

These are questions Bray would do well to heed and ones which she has completely ignored here. Readers are given one beggarly scrap to hang onto: the film is “one of 2013’s more thematically original stories.” That’s it.  

Bray’s prose is functional, but a little plodding, lumbering along at a less than speedy clip, which will leave you a little woozy by the third paragraph. Thankfully, Bray keeps it brief and even offers her one-liner about the film in a separate section so readers can get the scoop quickly.

All this is beside the point, though. Bray has fallen down on her job as critic here, so this one can’t be recommended.    

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