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Wesley Morris Investigates Peter Jackson’s Film Crimes in “The Steal”

In response to Wesley Morris’s 757‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Grantland

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Wesley Morris stuns with prolific writing in the magnificent double review “Art of the Steal,” which focuses on both American Hustle and The Desolation of Smaug. Fans of the critic will be more than thrilled with the metaphoric masterpiece and his ability to stand strong against Hobbit nation by slamming Peter Jackson.

The Steal has a personal feel as Morris describes his midnight screening experience at New York City’s Lincoln Center. The subjective style allows one to become closely connected to the heist theme, and some may decide to take the method reading approach in order heighten the experience. Costumes. Heist. Excitement.

Morris opens the The Steal with a look back at the original. Online Wes Morris clubs will surely go nuts over statement “it was like watching someone get high without you,” which is both edgy and perfect for the basement-bound LOTR geek crowd. The visuals of Peter Jackson are explored with a lengthy paragraph, including an homage to the one and only Smaug. Morris understand the needs of his audience and delivers.

The Steal becomes a bit tiresome during a lackluster paragraph on the characters, but Morris picks up the pace with a funny anecdote on Sir Ian McKellan and also a final sentence that ties everything together with a bow tie. The craftsmanship of the piece is both inspiring and entertaining.

Wesley Morris has an instant classic with The Steal.    

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