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Nell Minow’s “Furnace” Bakes Up Some Satisfying Critique

In response to Nell Minow’s 555‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Beliefnet

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Everyone’s favorite matronly movie maven is back with “Out of the Furnace,” Movie Mom Nell Minow’s take on the sophomore effort from director Scott Cooper.

Once again, she proves she’s the best critic working in the somewhat niche field of parental guidance critiquing (and also that she’s in the top tier of critics in the country) with a clearly written, intricately argued work of film criticism that transcends her unfairly pigeon-holed genre.

The prose, as always, is outstanding. She writes with a strong sense of purpose and, while this is a fairly straightforward, classical critique, Minow maintains an amiable tone throughout and the result is a work that never gets dry and, in fact, flows with an effortlessness that only the best writers achieve.

The analysis sparkles with that unmistakable Minow shine. She covers all the requisite bases, hitting the acting, directing, cinematography, and pacing with equal ferocity, but she also goes deeper, offering wonderful insight into the narrative’s “off-base and heavy-handed” metaphors and some of the inconsistencies in the character’s motivations (and the audience’s tolerance for such contradictions).

Movie Mom’s site should be the first stop for concerned parents looking for a legitimate review with a handy dandy content guide.    

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