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Tom Huddleston’s “The Wolf” Doesn’t Have Much Bite

In response to Tom Huddleston’s 347‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Time Out

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Tom Huddleston’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a slight, quick hit review that doesn’t have enough time to fully develop the themes it starts.

This is not entirely fair. Just like film critique, reviewing reviews, by default, must involve some degree of subjectivism. Depending on your perspective (and tolerance for film reviews), Huddleston’s effort here may be exactly what you’re looking for. Wolf of Wall Street is the definition of drive thru reviewing: it gives readers the bare essentials—the cast, the plot, and a few words on its merits. For some, this may be enough.  

Those with a preference for harder-hitting, in depth reviewing, however, may feel a little cheated by the lack of intensive analysis.

The prose, for the brief time it graces you with its presence, is excellent. Huddleston knows how to make his writing sparkle and he has a special talent for transitions which lends the piece an effortless flow.  

The critiques are fairly cursory—this is all territory that’s been tread before, but if this is your first review of Scorsese’s new opus, it’ll cover most of the bases.

Huddleston is a prodigious talent, to be sure. It would just be nice to see him allowed to paint on a bigger canvas.    

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