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M. Faust’s “Advice, Please” Is a Snappy Treat That Will Move You

In response to M. Faust’s 905‑word review of The Counselor on ArtVoice

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M. Faust has created a highly entertaining piece of art with his latest romper “Take my advice, please! The Counselor.” The work is not only of tight construction, but it’s laced with the type of dry humor that will make you say, “Faust done did it!” In other words, the creation is pleasant.

The austere opening paragraphs of Advice, Please! look the reader in the eye, and delivering piercing thoughts on the modern screenwriter. Faust doesn’t dilly-dally around, and makes a clear statement about the flaws of the film. If you’re not moved, then you might be an actual Cormac McCarthy character.

Advice, Please! is a memorable piece of work because Faust can wear the entertainment hat while dropping a sweet rain of knowledge all over the reader. The writing is not Hemingway-like, but the “Iceberg Theory” is used brilliantly to offer just the right amount of information to make one’s mind run free. The critic makes the plot summary his own, and constructs sentences that not only explain, but analyze in a fun way. It’s a rare treat.

M. Faust is in touch with his audience, and knows how to provide a true critique. The writing is entertaining, the structure is crisp and the analysis look at all the characters and breaks down the plot devices of the film. It’s a review wonderland, and the audience has a free ticket to roam about.

Advice, Please! is essential reading, as M. Faust is truly one of the great modern voices of the art.    

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