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Josh Larsen’s “Review: The World’s End” Holds Court, but Is Not Snooty

In response to Josh Larsen’s 639‑word review of The World's End on LarsenOnFilm

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Josh Larsen receives the award for the best film review opening line in his entertaining, yet informative “Review: The World’s End.” I’m not going to spoil it by quoting the line here, but suffice it to say, it inspired me to read on.

Fortunately, the rest of the review holds up to its opening prose. Unlike most reviewers, Larsen personifies his reviews with phrases like “These movies laugh, bleed, and explode in the face of maturity,” in which he refers to films by Edgar Wright, the director behind The World’s End.

By painting with words, instead of simply regurgitating the plot to us, Larsen creates his own canvas on which he presents his take on this movie. It’s a refreshing perspective in a sea of otherwise pedestrian movie reviews. By colorfully interspersing his opinion with that of the plot (instead of present one, then the other), we get a true sense of what this movie is about (in Larsen’s eyes) and whether or not we want to see it.

Reviews like this are few and far between. If you like clear assessments of your movies, but still value the written word, read Josh Larsen’s “The World’s End.” Whether or not you decide to see the movie is irrelevant. You’ll still be thoroughly entertained.    

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