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“‘Thor’…” by Michael Phillips Falls Flat as a Hammer

In response to Michael Phillips’s 579‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Chicago Tribune,0,5601738.column

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The potential is all but dark in Michael Phillips’ “‘Thor’ hammers home same points” Tragically spoils, speculation and self-sabotage leaves the reader languishing in a pit of despondency far bleaker than the subject’s undertones.

It seems the level to which even the most esteemed literary hero will sink to disparage a subject, especially one they obviously despise for personal reasons, is deeper than the grandest abyss. Mr. Phillips possesses obvious talent to support his storied reputation and seasoned ability—which is what makes this massive disappointment all the more shocking.

“‘Thor‘…” could have been a fair, predilection-free assessment of its subject. But in place of that, the reader receives a skewed, begrudging diatribe of hate rife with slander and conceit. This is coupled with a blatant attempt to force feed the premise down the audience’s throat, thereby shattering any possibility for intuitive thought. The result is a joyless, flat, even insulting product that is a dark mark on the world of literature.

Any inclination towards deductive reasoning is permanently tainted by the tone set by the author; any meaningful evidence is rendered suspect by the preferential pandering. And any attempt at redemption from these factors is mooted by this loathsome “contribution” (said loosely) to the craft. It’s simply a travesty in print, and an utter failure for the author, considering his capabilities.

The reader’s time would be more wisely spent hunting for loose change in the couch cushions. At least then, they might retrieve some value for their efforts. Conversely, there is no value to be gleamed here.    

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