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Matthew Pejkovic’s “Gravity (2013)” Is No Masterpiece

In response to Matthew Pejkovic’s 530‑word review of Gravity on Matt's Movie Reviews

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Matthew Pejkovic’s redundant and insipid “Gravity (2013)” is well behind the curve, a series of misses and near-misses that never seems to pull itself together.

Gravity (2013) shows all of its cards immediately, which is a technique that tends to work very well when an appropriate framework justifies the move. While the piece makes quick work of storytelling, it doesn’t do so fastidiously; there’s the distinct sense of having missed the forest for the trees throughout.

Pejkovic’s handling of plot therefore feels empty, and when the piece launches into grumbling indisposition, there’s little benefit left to the audience. The fact that language is treated with inattention rather than care frustrates. A red pen would have come in useful.

When heavy doses of sarcasm crop up now and again, they serve only to draw credibility away from the argument.  Gravity (2013) attempts to express itself but ends up expressing merely what it wants its audience to feel. Imperiousness is rarely a very good choice; here it is in fact a rather poor one.

Gravity (2013) has a strong central thesis supported by weak branches of criticism throughout that unfortunately don’t add up to a conclusion the audience will swallow. It’s an aimless, and ultimately fruitless, offering; readers should gravitate toward more substantial work this season.    

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