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John Defore’s “Kick-Ass 2” Is Sweet, Sound, and Short

In response to John DeFore’s 222‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Hollywood Reporter

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John DeFore’s “Kick-Ass 2: Film Review” has a clever rhyme in the title, followed by a “Bottom Line” thesis that makes it clear where DeFore stands, and why.

It’s a wonderful change of pace from pathetic rhetorical questions, zingers, and other cheap lead-lines. DeFore sticks to the basics and fundamentals to give a crash course in Kick-Ass 2 101 that includes discussion of cast and characters, and the previous film, in quick order.  

He then treats his audience to the plot, and its little tributaries, and how they relate to the film as a whole. The result is a long couple of paragraphs that pretty much give the film away, including some of the brutality the film has been criticized for using.

DeFore concludes that the film’s reach almost exceeds its grasp, and how the ramping up of violence and characters turns the film into something closer to the super hero films it was meant to parody.

He is clear about how both films break their own premises with their high tech action sequences. It’s one of the sager points made about the film series and (if you follow the footnotes) the original comic books.

This is not the real world. It’s the world of Kick-Ass. And it is changing, whether you like it or not.    

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