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Joe Neumaier’s “‘Thor: The Dark World,’ Movie Review” Is Mostly Harmless

In response to Joe Neumaier’s 501‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on New York Daily News

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It’s a rare treat to read a gentle movie review. Hence why Joe Neumaier’s “‘Thor: The Dark World,’ movie review” is a weak attempt to reach for that bar.  

While Neumaier’s opening paragraph is delightful and silly, what follows is a dull recap of the weaknesses of Thor I, including a terrible pun about bridges and worlds.  

Neumaier is to be commended, however, for seeing the sequel as infinitely superior to the original. Why? Because he’s now in a rare minority. But that is all the praise he is worth.

A crash-course in plot is followed by discussion of the “funky mist” that is the evil thing called Aether, and the “disco-lit” world of Asgard. Then a cheap shot at Scandinavian spellings breaks the spell Neumaier is trying to create.

Followed by judicious use of such words as gobbledygook and comparing the film to a game of Dungeons and Dragons, the rest of the review goes on the usual “fan boys will like it” and “didn’t Loki save the day?” track.

The initial promise of the review, that the film is pretty good action fare, is lost in the puns, digs, and raggings of its weaknesses. Neumaier’s schizoid review offers much but gives little, so that by the end you’re wishing  for some Gobbledygook as a palate cleanser.     

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