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Steven Rea’s “A Pub-Crawling Reunion Spoof” Makes for a Short, Witty Read

In response to Steven Rea’s 435‑word review of The World's End on Philadelphia Inquirer

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“A pub-crawling reunion spoof,” a review by Steven Rea, reads like a spoof film should feel—quick, effortless, and entertaining.  Rea wastes no time as he quickly and effectively hits on the major points on the film without falling into the trap of spoiling the plot or getting hung up on the earlier feature films this Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg team have produced.

He is able to employ the film’s structure of returning to the familiar but still being able to find something new and unexpected in a familiar setting to inform his own work. Rea understands the nuances of making a successful spoof film and he uses his knowledge to judge the film on those merits, which he explains to the reader well. It makes for a credible and enjoyable read.

He is not a reviewer to talk over the heads of readers, nor is he one to assume that readers are completely uninformed either. Reunion spoof is judicious in its word choices—something that allows the reader to get to the heart of the movie and understand what to expect from the film.

Rea understands the balance between over-inundating the audience with too much history on the crew’s past history and judging the movie on its own merits as a spoof. The end result is a highly satisfying and extremely effective take.


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