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Chris Bumbray Bumbles “Thor: The Dark World”

In response to Chris Bumbray’s 880‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on JoBlo's Movie Emporium

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Chris Bumbray’s forum post, erm… review of the latest offering from the Marvel Universe, “Review: Thor: The Dark World,” would have been passable if not for spoilers and a less than tenuous grasp of grammar.

You can’t be a good critic if you can’t communicate your critiques clearly and artfully. This is one of the major things that separates a real critic from, say, your sister and her take on Twilight: Breaking Logic.

It’s odd because this is mostly confident, assured writing, but Bumbray makes some titanic stumbles which will make grammar grousers suffer cardiac arrest. Linguistic bête noires pop up everywhere (The word “anyways” has no place in professional writing and “him and Thor” is just incorrect).

Bumbray continues this dissonance by crafting a handful of solid, well presented arguments  and then ruins the build up of good will by giving a unnecessary “in my opinion” type caveat (the aforementioned “anyways” makes its shocking appearance here).

What will offend readers of Dark World more than the grammar, however, are the egregious spoilers that ruin sight gags, locales, guest cameos, and even aspects of the ending.

If you’re a card carrying member of the grammarati, or you like to see a movie before hearing all about it, steer clear of this one.    

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