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Donald Clarke’s “Prisoners” Should Be Locked Away in a Vault

In response to Tara Brady’s 616‑word review of Prisoners on Irish Times

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Donald Clarke’s Prisoners is a spoiler-filled nightmare that contributes nothing to the overall dialogue about the film Prisoners.

While it is obvious that Clarke enjoyed Prisoners just as much and probably more than the average viewer; in his excited state he managed to let some wonderful spoilers out in what is essentially  the opening paragraph. That type of  verbal incontinence is usually reserved to children or sweet old ladies. So, if you are looking for a spoiler-free review, well, this one starts spoiling out of the gate, so move along.

 A good bit of the first half of this write up focuses very, very heavily on the plot, and the critic doesn’t shy away from going in depth as far as the events that take place in the film go. Yes, again with the spoilers. The writing isn’t bad but it seems like once the dam that is Clarke’s mouth has opened the best thing to do is let it run its course or he might explode.

In an argumentative sense the comparisons to Mystic River and Zodiac are there, as you’d expect them to be, which gives the whole affair a sense of staleness.

Clarke’s Prisoners cannot be recommended to anyone. It’s stagnant and provides readers with very few new ideas about the film. Most important it could spoil penicillin.    

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