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Steve Biodrowski’s Review of “Catching Fire” Is a Typo-Ridden Spolier Fest

In response to Steve Biodrowski’s 1308‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Cinefantastique

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Steve Biodrowski’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review” is burnt up in a conflagration of typos and spoilers.

When a casual reader stumbles across a single typo or grammatical error, the author is forgiven; when a casual reader stumbles across six, the author is written off. Whether fair or not, it happens.

Biodrowski’s review has at least six typos and grammatical errors that will draw even the casual reader’s notice and ire. The worst offender: the “ly” is conspicuously left off “relentless” in two consecutive sentences.

There are tidbits of interesting analysis. He posits that Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is something less than luminous, calling her one of the movie’s “sullen leads”.   But whatever interesting things Biodrowski has to say are lost among the typos—and seriously ugly font.

Biodrowski’s worst sin, however, is his disregard for spoilers. Instead of providing a spoiler warning at the top of the review where readers have a chance to avoid reading altogether, he provides it in the middle—exactly where unsuspecting readers’ eyes might glance at spoilers that could ruin a huge plot twist.  More than one reader casually scrolling down will have a major surprise ruined.

Readers are advised to avoid this mess of a spoiler laden review.    

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