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Dom Mill’s “Counselor Review’ Is Sweet Wine for the Review Connoisseur

In response to Dom Mill’s 1038‑word review of The Counselor on We Got This Covered

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Dom Mill’s latest crafting, “The Counselor Review,” is a sweet mixture of intellect and style for the modern review connoisseur. The work succeeds on all fronts, and will please all the devoted fans of the critic.

Visually, Counselor Review is a special treat. One will sit back and marvel at the splendid details and take a moment to reflect before the reading. Mill creates a setting that is pleasurable, and even throws in a YouTube video at the end. The critic knows his audience, and aims to please.

Counselor Review takes its time with the opening statement, and uses three brief paragraphs to drive home a point on how the film came about. Mills takes an interesting approach by telling a Hollywood tale to slowly ease into the analysis.

Dom Mills transitions smoothly from point to point in Counselor Review. The critic breaks down the script with elegant words, and provides his audience with a remarkable take on the staging techniques of director Ridley Scott.  

The recent wave of reviews for “The Counselor” often abandon the characters, but Mills is careful to not only note the defining traits, but expand and offer a bit more insight for the reader. Mills even digs deeper into the film and looks at the emotional aspect, and the effectiveness of Cormac McCarthy’s script.

Counselor Review is a sublime creation, and Dom Mill has established himself as one of the true masters of critique.    

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