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Todd McCarthy’s “The Counselor” Masterfully Makes Its Case

In response to Todd McCarthy’s 1011‑word review of The Counselor on Hollywood Reporter

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Todd McCarthy’s highly anticipated review of the new Cormac McCarthy thriller is here and fans will be happy to know that it doesn’t disappoint.

All the McCarthy trademarks fans have come to know and love are here; the formidable dry wit, the studious dissection, the analytical beefiness, the prodigious vocabulary, even a gorgeous turn of phrase or two make an appearance.

McCarthy is Pacific Ocean deep in “The Counselor: Film Review” and lets no moss grow under his feet, getting right to the point and slapping readers silly with a combination of workaday eloquence and syntactically complex sentences. It’s dense, heady material, but McCarthy’s skillful pen keeps it from becoming impenetrable.

With uncompromising vision, McCarthy takes readers on a journey through the film’s metaphors and analogies, directing the action with a firm but easy touch as he cites “the movie’s bleak ending and an only slightly less depressing sense of the waste of a lot of fine talent both behind and in front of the camera.”

The critique here is palpable; his reasoning is so strong and his prose so perfect, it comes off the page almost tangibly. You can nearly feel the force, the rush of wind, when a good point is made.

This is a masterwork by a guru in the field and needs to be felt to be believed.    

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