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Bob Blooms “There’s a Method to the Madness of Kick-Ass 2“ Sinks

In response to Bob Bloom’s 456‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)

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Bob Bloom’s “There’s a Method to The Madness of Kick Ass 2” wastes no time in wasting your time. From the get go we are treated to a rushed and poorly executed synopsis with light sprinklings of a review.

There’s plenty of stalling done before Bloom leads his readers to his silly conclusion. Beforehand you will be subjected to plenty of synopsis, and blow by blow plot points. Its a fairly predictable formula that doesn’t do most critics any justice, and really ends up irritating their audience.  It’s no different here.

There is positively a sense of bare minimum that is ever present throughout the whole review. It just feels rushed, and conclusion included, there is little to no insight to be gained from Bloom’s take on Kick-Ass 2.  

He sort of laughingly beats a dead horse; where the gratuitous  nature of the film is enjoyed not for its statement on violence, but for the sake of violence itself. At the end he comes up with some trite nonsense to justify the film’s violence, but it comes off as trying too hard to find meaning where there really is  none.

There is little redeeming value here. Suffice to say you’ll still be a good person no matter what you decide to do, but you will feel like an even better person if you skip this review.    

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