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Emma Dibdin’s “Hiddleston Shines” Is Fine Art but Still Flawed

In response to Emma Dibdin’s 719‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Digital Spy

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Emma Dibdin has created fine art with her latest creation, “Thor: The Dark World review: Tom Hiddleston shines in Marvel sequel,” however many will note small flaws in the work that decrease the value. Dibdin’s art  is still quite pleasing, and readers may sign up for Dibdin notifications for their cell phones.

Visually, Hiddleston Shines is spectacular and one will bow down to the glory of the images. Dibdin clearly has style, and the overall beauty bolsters the quality of the work.  

Hiddleston Shines opens with a strong statement, however readers will notice later on than Dibdin says almost nothing about the lead character Thor. The introduction references “swagger” and later a shirtless scene, but the best analysis comes towards the end in a short throwaway paragraph. Perhaps Dibdin is frightened by the power of Thor, but must recognize the reader’s demand for Thor breakdown. Dibdin does, however, succeed with her main argument.

With that being said, Hiddleston Shines is an excellent review. Dibdin critiques Loki with vigor, and writes with a passion that will inspire the readers. The critic conveys the importance of visuals in the film, and breaks down the history of the franchise by detailing editing and writing changes that came about with the second film.  The structure is dazzling, and the work is a joy to read.

Emma Dibdin must be pushed along like so many great artists, and while Hiddleston Shines is very good, audiences will expect greatness from Dibdin in the future.    

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