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Gary Darling Provides a Striking Visual Slideshow in “Review: Gravity”

In response to Cary Darling’s 477‑word review of Gravity on Fort Worth Star-Telegram/

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Cary Darling’s latest, “Movie review: Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity,” is a boring and unimaginative adventure that one will seek to escape from. Fortunately, the controls aren’t too advanced, so a journey to a worthwhile review is not only possible, but necessary.

The visuals of Review: Gravity are solid, and the nine-image slideshow is a nice touch. However, the high count could be due to the lack of insight on the film.

Review: Gravity is unsuccessful for the sole reason that Darling fails to look out for his audience. The writing is boring, although has special moments, and phrases like “That’s when Gravity becomes tense and suspenseful” say nothing about the movie. What does one expect when going to a drama?

Like most Gravity reviews, Darling fails to acknowledge the importance of George Clooney’s character, and one will be baffled  by the absence of a sentence or two explaining the significance of the role.

Review: Gravity misses an opportunity in the second half to connect with the audience, and instead focuses on referencing other films that one may find distracting from the stand-alone quality of the film. Darling does acknowledge the cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezski, but is unable to expand on his techniques.

The sad reality of Review: Gravity is that Cary Darling doesn’t try hard enough for his loyal fans.    

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