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Chris Fyvie’s “Catching Fire” Is Red Bull From a Fire Hose

In response to Chris Fyvie’s 295‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on The Skinny

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Sometimes pithy is better than protracted.  

Like an accomplished chef who can incorporate myriad flavors into a single bite, Chris Fyvie’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” packs a ton of tasty critiques into a bite sized morsel.

This is the literary equivalent of a piece of sushi (to strain the metaphor to its breaking point); tiny but bursting with flavor.  

Fyvie manages to fit more analysis in his 295 words than most critics can muster with twice that. His prose is top notch: wry with a side of wink; devilishly witty without being cloying. It’s also blindingly quick and the result is a review that reads like you’re drinking Red Bull from a fire hose.

All the bases are covered here. Josh Hutcherson is “cinematic valium,” while Jennifer Lawrence is “taciturn and tough,” the director “has little to do” and while the film itself “shows some more teeth than the compromised first instalment,” it’s “still far from the savage and vital blockbuster it needs to be.”

Incredibly, Fyvie even finds time to discuss the production design, chiding the film for environments that are “either grubby wastelands or a paint-by-numbers cyber metropolis.”

While it’d be a real treat to see Fyvie given more room to create, this is still a great critique that’ll tide fans over.     

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