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Goss’ “Sxsw Review: I Give It a Year” a Worthy Read

In response to William Goss’s 421‑word review of I Give It a Year on

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There is no beating around the romantic comedy trope bush in “SXSW Review: I Give it a Year” by William Goss. He fully acknowledges the all-too-familiar tones in the film but he doesn’t allow this to muddle up his review. He craftily chooses a path of review that gives his audience food for thought.

Unfortunate, the presentation is sorely unappealing in this review. The review is broken up with the official trailer placed right in the middle. The placement is extremely unappealing and simply gets in the way. The trailer fails to add anything to the words in any case making the decision to place it right in the middle even more unfortunate.

Though shadowed by these visual flaws, Goss’ writing shines. He writes in an organized manner that is extremely effective. He has produced a satisfying piece that that doesn’t give away all of the goods.

There is plenty to like here. Its the type of flawed review that you choose to love despite its flaws. It starts of strong and remains interesting until the very end. Movie reviews from film festivals have a distinct flavor to them, as though the critic knows he is receiving special treatment, and that gratitude spills over into Goss‘SXSW. Though not without blemishes, it is a worthy read.    

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