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Mark Dujsik’s “Mark Counselor” Is Classic Film Criticism

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 985‑word review of The Counselor on Mark Reviews Movies

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Have you seen Mark Dujsik? Probably not, because he is now on another level. The latest work from the critic, “Mark Reviews Movies: THE COUNSELOR”, is an outstanding artistic creation which one can refer back to from time to time. Dujsik’s work is tight, comprehensive and entertaining. The critic is so clinical with his construction that one may be inclined to call him Dujsik, M. D.

The opening quote of Counselor is rich. It allows one to contemplate their life, but Dujsik then quickly pulls the reader back to reality.

One will immediately recognize the length and beefiness of Dujsik’s paragraphs. The general reader may think,“Whoa, this isn’t the usual plot summary and three lines of analysis.”

Counselor opens with a strong introductory paragraph that pierces the potency of the Cormac McCarthy’s script, and the effectiveness of the character’s dialogue. Dujsik’s writing is dynamic, and Counselor is a fine example of how the critic has tightened up his work over time. It’s a pleasure to experience.

Mark Dujsik’s work is significant due to his dedication to the craft. Counselor is truly a “critique,” and not just a quick summary that can be found anywhere. Dujsik is always fair with his commentary, but remembers what it means to break down a film and provide the reader with a true review. The critic makes a core argument in each paragraph, and backs up his thoughts with tightly constructed paragraphs.

Counselor is the epitome of a classic critique.    

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